US flu season off to a fast start as other viruses spread

The U.S. flu season is off to an unusually fast start, adding to an autumn mix of viruses that have been filling hospitals and doctor waiting rooms.

Moon rocket set for 1st test flight

NASA’s moon rocket needs only minor repairs after enduring a hurricane at the pad and is on track for its first test flight next week, a top official said Friday.

Spanish police seize marijuana worth $64m

Spanish police have seized cannabis worth nearly $A100m – the largest amount ever taken worldwide, they say.

Activists out in force across Europe

Climate change activists have blocked private jets at Amsterdam and glued themselves to Goya masterpieces in Madrid ahead of COP27.

What’s at stake at COP27 climate talks

Australia is expecting a much warmer reception at this year’s climate talks but observers say reputational repair will require much more than emissions cuts.

Qld firm hones next-generation painkillers

New targeted painkillers potentially requiring fewer doses and with less side effects are being developed by a University of Queensland startup.

McKinsey reaches deal with U.S. local governments over opioids

Leading consulting firm McKinsey & Co has agreed to settle claims by hundreds of U.S. local governments and school districts around the country that it fueled an epidemic of opioid addiction through its work for OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma LP and other drug companies.